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Hands Over Homes is currently seeking board members, estimators, and cold-calling agents!


If you would like to volunteer or complete your community service hours with us, contact us today. 


Our office is available for nonprofit and small business in-person coffee meet-ups with free coffee and free admin (printing, faxing, copies, etc.).


Donate Supplies and Equipment


-Hard hats

-Safety Vests

-Safety Googles



-Cell Phones

-Extension Cords


-Rubber Boots 

-Rain Coats/Ponchos

-Directional Signs

-Plastic Tarps

-Work Gloves


-Dust Masks

-Duct Tape

-First Aid Kits

-Portable Toilets

-Trash Cans

-Storage Containers




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One of our friendly volunteers would be happy to answer your question.

You can make a direct impact

To preserve and protect the lives, health, and well being of veteran and elderly before during and after disasters. With a outreach in local emergency housing for those military veterans and families that face hard ship.

What makes our goal accomplishable, stipend-able and achievable is that the margins when building a home and house out of storage containers are typically 25-35% cheaper when it comes to square footage.