Hands over Homes is developing several programs designed to preserve the life of veterans and elderly.  

Veteran and Aging-In-Place Elderly Home Weatherization Program 

The objective of this program is to weatherize homes for low-income veterans and aging-in-place elderly in the greater San Antonio, Texas area. The goal of this program is to reduce displaced homeowners during natural disasters.  

The Home Weatherization Program addresses the problem of low-income veterans and aging-in-place elderly being displaced during intense heat waves or winter storms due to the poor condition of their homes.


We are currently accepting applications for our waitlist:

Inquiry Form for Home Weatherization Program
Coming soon:

Local Temporary Emergency Housing 
Our modified storage containers as Transitional Housing Units work as a temporary, emergency living space for San Antonio’s homeless population on the route to permanent housing. 

Nursing Home Disaster Preparedness Training Program
Hands Over Homes will perform no-charge risk assessments, and emergency preparedness training, and offers administrative assistance with finding resources to address the greatest risks to life, limb, and property loss/damage.